When client asks you for a reshoot, who should pay for it?

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No matter how thorough you plan out a shoot, it happens that it sometimes goes wrong. There can be many reasons for it, and the client could ask you to do a reshoot. This is one of those tricky situations that are not always easy to resolve. Should the client pay for the second shoot, or should you do it for free? Or should you do it at all? In this video, Scott Choucino discusses this topic to help you go through these kinds of situations without a fuss.

Now, it’s worth noting that there’s no universal answer to the question “Who pays for a reshoot?” It depends on several factors, the first of them being: who messed it up? If it was the photographer who made the mistake (or someone within the shooting team), the rule of thumb is that they should do a reshoot for free. And if the client briefed the photographer wrongly, then they should pay for the second shoot.

Another thing to think about is how the clients react and what your relationship with them is. If it’s someone you regularly work with, you can choose to do a reshoot for free or at a lower price even if it wasn’t your mistake. But if they’re mistreating you, you can simply offer them the shots you already did, or ask them to pay for a reshoot.

Finally, it depends on how much they pay you. If the client is paying thousands of dollars for the photo shoot, it’s unlikely that they will pay as much to do it again. Scott usually does reshoots for these clients for free. For small clients who hired him for the first time and won’t hire him again, he rather asks them to pay a reshoot.

As I said, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question. You need to assess the situation, the relationship with your client, and whether you will continue to collaborate. Also, consider what they already paid you. It’s not easy to answer, but you can use Scott’s video as a guideline to help you figure it out.

What’s your policy on reshoots? Do you always charge them, do them for free, or it depends?

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