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They say 13 is an unlucky number, but the 2020 iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) proves the theory wrong. The 13th annual competition winners have been announced, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. I always love seeing winners of this contest because they prove what I often say – gear doesn’t matter, it’s all about the photographer.

The Grand Prize Winner and Photographer of the Year Award went to street photographer Dimpy Bhalotia from the UK for her image Flying Boys. First, Second and Third Place Photographer of the Year Awards go to Artyom Baryshau from Belarus for the photo No Walls, Geli Zhao from China for an untitled image of sheets catching wind on a cloudy day, and Saif Hussain from Iraq for the photo Sheikh Of Youth.

© Dimpy Bhalotia (UK): Flying Boys, Grand Prize Photographer of the Year Winner

© Artyom Baryshau (Belarus): No Walls, First Place Photographer of the Year Awards

© Geli Zhao (China): Untitled, Second Place Photographer of the Year Awards

© Saif Hussain (Iraq): Sheikh Of Youth, Third Place Photographer of the Year Awards

Top-three winners in an additional 18 categories were awarded to photographers from all over the world. The categories are as follows:

  1. Abstract
  2. Animals
  3. Architecture
  4. Children
  5. Floral
  6. Landscape
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Nature
  9. News & Events
  10. Other
  11. Panorama
  12. People
  13. Portrait
  14. Series
  15. Still Life
  16. Sunset
  17. Travel
  18. Trees

Check out the category winners below, and you can see the category runner-ups here. You can also feast your eyes on the last year’s winners here. And if you use an iPhone to take photos, you can also submit them for the 2021 contest here.

© Tu Odnu (China): Untitled, First Place Abstract Winner

© Xiaojun Zhang (China): Horses in the Storm, First Place Animals Winner

© Haiyin Lin (China): Duomo di Milano, First Place Architecture Winner

© Ekaterina Varzar (US): Cotton Candy, First Place Children Winner

© Peiquan Li (China): Untitled, First Place Floral Winner

© Liu Dan (China): The Wave, First Place Landscapes Winner

© Audrey Blake (US): Culture Fusion, First Place Lifestyle Winner

© Lisi Li (China): The Surface of the Alien Planet, First Place Nature Winner

© Fernando Merlo (Spain): Demons Lighting the Sky, First Place News & Events Winner

© Danielle Moir (US): Beach Chair, First Place Other Winner

© Bojan Pacadziev (France): Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, First Place Panorama Winner

© Omar Lucas (Peru): Knitting to Heal Wounds, First Place People Winner

© Mona Jumaan (Bahrain): Beautiful Isolation, First Place Portraits Winner 

© Joao Cabaco (Portugal): The Wine Bottle and the Seven Chouriços, First Place Still Life Winner

© Leo Chan (Hong Kong): Nightfall at the Dolomites, First Place Sunset Winner 

© Kristian Cruz (US): Free from the Past, First Place Travel Winner

© Glenn Homann (Australia): Alone, First Place Trees Winner

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