VSDC is a must-try video editor for creators on a budget [giveaway]

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This is a sponsored giveaway with VSDC. Click more to enter

For this giveaway, we’ve partnered with VSDC to give away five annual VSDC Pro licenses to five lucky winners. [even if you didn’t win though, the free version brings an extensive toolset every beginning to intermediate level video maker will benefit from.]

When you start looking for free video editing software, it often feels like the choice is limitless. But when you start testing, you find out that most programs either put a watermark on your video or cut video export resolution options. Such surprises may come at a high price, especially if you discover them after hours of working on your project.

At the end of the day, there are quite a few free video editors that are truly worth your time investment. VSDC Video Editor is one of them.

VSDC offers a free and a Pro version of its video editing software. Since our last giveaway, it has received several major upgrades including a more intuitive timeline, modern interface, features like motion tracking, LUTs, 360 video editing, and tons of trendy effects.

We are giving away 5 annual VSDC Pro licenses

Prize description

VSDC is a free video editing software for Windows with a non-linear video editing approach. i.e. it allows you to overlay multiple videos and images, blend them, create split-screen or picture-in-picture effect, and perform lots of other tasks involving layers.

In addition to the video editing feature set, VSDC includes webcam video and desktop video grabbers, a voice recorder, and a YouTube uploader.

This giveaway is for VSDC Pro The company’s paid and more advanced editor. VSDC Pro also includes:

  • Motion tracking
  • Video masking
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Stabilization
  • Multicolor Chroma Key
  • Audio waveform
  • “Edit the beat”

Here is the feature break down as described by VSDC:

Format input and output

Apart from the standard list of options, you get presets for social media that allow you to instantly save the project with the parameters required by the platform you choose. There are also WebM, GIF, and Motion JPEG export options available.

Color correction tools

VSDC holds a set of Instagram-like filters coming in handy for blur effects or a retro movie style. Second, you can access 10 stunning LUTs that will help you get a cinematic look in one click. For those more experienced at color grading, there are RGB and H&S curves. To top it off, you can create custom gradient-painted shapes and use them as overlays for your footage!

Video effects

The VSDC video effects menu includes the following sections:

  • Filters
  • Transformation
  • Transparency
  • 360 video editing
  • Special FX
  • Transitions
  • Background remover

Easy Zoom

As simple as it sounds, zooming in on a video can be very tricky. VSDC nails the zoom effect by making it intuitive and newbie-friendly with a cropping tool. Essentially, you just crop out the area you want to zoom in or out and apply either an instant or a gradual zoom using the effect settings.

Built-in text editor

VSDC lets you type right over the footage with the built-in text editing tool. Then, you can do pretty much everything you’d be able to in a regular text editor: change the size, color, and style of the text, select fonts (or upload your own font), apply transparency and outline. you can work with text as if it was a graphic object. For example, you can use it as a mask, zoom through the title, apply perspective, animation, and motion tracking to it

Motion Tracking

Motion tracking is the newest feature added to the VSDC Pro arsenal this year. Essentially, it allows you to track movements of any object in a video and turn them into a trajectory that can be later applied to a piece of text, an image, a mask, or any clipart added to the scene.

Video masking

If you’re serious about your video editing hobby, eventually, you’ll need to master the art of masking. Just like with photography, masks can be used for various goals.

VSDC makes it easy to apply clipping masks, video-inside-text masks, create reflections, censorship filters, and even the famous clone effect.

Audio editing tools

VSDC boasts a full-featured set of audio tools that include options to enhance the sound, reduce the background noise, and apply special effects. The dedicated audio effects menu provides you with a wide choice of filters, reverse, delay, and amplitude effects.

In addition to that, the VSDC Pro version includes an audio waveform, which is a visual sound graph allowing you to edit tracks more precisely. With the waveform, you can literally see the sound peaks, and it can be very helpful for cutting out pieces of audio or syncing video to the beat.

Enter to win a free VSDC PRO license

Now that you know what VSDC is capable of, go ahead and fill out the form to participate in the giveaway. The free version of this editor is mighty enough, but with VSDC Pro, you’ll be able to take your video editing skills to the next level. The license is valid for one year and gives you access to all the VSDC Pro features available.

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