Watch YouTube’s most informed sock puppet teach you how to shoot with manual exposure

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For those who’ve never seen TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin on YouTube, you’re in for a treat – even if you already understand everything contained within this 25-minute video. For those who have, you know exactly what to expect. I’ve been following this rather unconventional channel for a while now. It covers a lot of handy DIY and crafting topics as well as the occasional random tangent.

Today’s random tangent is the topic of exposure as it relates to photography. Although our host is a sock puppet, the principles are explained very well, in a manner that most people will be able to grasp quite easily – and probably find quite entertaining, too. So, if you’ve struggled to make that switch to “M”, this video may just help you out.

This video really is a complete beginner’s guide, assuming you know pretty much nothing about exposure or how a camera forms a well-exposed shot. But it takes you through the exposure triangle, the consequences of changing your ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings and how they all balance out to get a good exposure, as well as a few other topics.

If you’ve got young children interested in photography, this might be a good one to help them, too.

[via Reddit]

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