Rode expands their Wireless GO system with easier-to-hide “White Edition” and new accessories

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Rode’s Wireless GO system has proven to be extremely popular since was introduced last April. It’s an ultra-compact lightweight digital wireless microphone system that packs a lot of punch for its small size. The range was expanded to include a more traditional lavalier mic later on last year.

Now, Rode is expanding the system again with the Interview GO – an adapter that turns the Wireless GO into a handheld microphone for reporting and interviewing on-camera. There’s also a new MagClip GO to allow you to more easily affix the Wireless GO transmitter to your subject. Oh, and the Wireless GO and Lavalier GO are now also available in white.

The Interview GO is not a new microphone. Instead, it’s an adapter which holds your Wireless GO transmitter to make it look and act like a regular handheld mic – like the Rode Reporter. For YouTubers and vloggers who are regularly interviewing others, whether it be at trade shows or random people on the street, if you’ve already got a Wireless GO, this is a great solution to help make your life a little easier.

The MagClip Go adds a magnetic clip capability to the Wireless GO, giving you more options for attaching it to various items of clothing or other objects – very handy if you don’t have an easy way to clip the microphone to clothing without wrinkling it.

Also new is a white edition of the Rode Wireless Go system itself, including both the transmitter and receiver. While there’s no operational difference between the white version and the standard black, the lighter colour will allow it to be more easily hidden amongst lighter coloured clothing. The Lavalier Go is now also available in white to match with the new transmitter and receiver colour.

If you’re shooting more cinematic pieces where the presence of a microphone is something you want to be hidden from the camera and your subjects are wearing light clothing, these white versions should make life much easier. At least, they will once you’re able to be around other people again and actually get them in front of your camera.

The Rode Interview GO, MagClip GO and white version of the Wireless GO are available to pre-order now, although I haven’t seen the white version of the Lavalier GO available anywhere yet. No doubt it will pop up soon. Shipping is expected… well, as soon as one can hope for given the current global shipping situation.

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