A Look Into White House Photographer Pete Souza’s Camera Bag

Photography Gear

Former White House photographer Pete Souza often gets asked about the camera gear he uses, so he posted this 11-minute video to Instagram this week to show what’s in his camera bag.

Before he starts discussing gear, however, Souza offers some words of wisdom.

“Keep in mind that [the] camera is basically a tool,” Souza says, holding up three different screwdrivers. “These are all screwdrivers. They all work equally well. I don’t know what brand/model they are. You just have to make a decision yourself on what kind of equipment to use.”

While at the White House shooting 2 million photos over 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, Souza used two Canon 5D series cameras. He would usually have a 35mm prime lens on one of them and a 50mm lens on the other. He would also carry along a 135mm prime lens with him on his belt alongside a flash.

You can find an archive of 6,668 photos from Souza’s time as White House photographer over on Flickr.

(via @petesouza via Fstoppers)

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