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Even though current situation with the coronavirus is no joke, I firmly believe that humor is still necessary to keep us sane. Thanks to photographer Kate Whyte, I had my dose of laughter today. In a short and humorous video, she showed what photo shoots look like when both photographer and model are self-isolated, each in their own home.

Kate and her model Jess Adams teamed up to make a photo shoot  even though they’re both at home, in self-isolation. There’s everything a proper photo shoot needs to have: a camera and lighting, a photographer and a model, hair, makeup, clothes, props… But the participants aren’t even in the same room. How, you may wonder? Well, check it out:

So many of us face challenges working from home and self isolating – luckily Jess Adams and I found a creative solution. Hollllaaa at us, beauty brands. 😂

Posted by Kate Whyte on Saturday, March 14, 2020

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this when I saw the beginning of the video, and it really cracked me up. But, it’s not entirely impossible to do a photo shoot remotely. If you wanna try it out, here’s how photographer Waleed Shah and I did it. After all, it can be one of the projects that you could try now that many of us are in self-isolation and working from home.

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