Sigma fp mirrorless camera to receive HDR, cinemagraphs and 120fps RAW video capability

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Sigma was expected to make some big announcements during the cancelled CP+ event last month. Initially, it was suspected that it might be the company’s long-awaited L mount Foveon camera, but those hopes were soon dashed. Sigma hasn’t forgotten about their Bayer sensor L mount camera, though, the Sigma fp.

A new Version 2.00 firmware update for the Sigma fp has been announced and will be released at some point during “summer 2020” (they haven’t gotten any more specific than this yet). The update promises to add some cool new features including 120fps CinemaDNG RAW, cinemagraph and HDR shooting, amongst others.

SIGMA is pleased to announce the firmware update schedule for the SIGMA fp.

Firmware update Ver.2.00 will be released in summer 2020. It will improve the camera’s capability with the addition or improvement of a number of functions including CinemaDNG playback, cinemagraph functionality and movie recording with the Director’s Viewfinder.

[Benefits of the update]
・Supports CinemaDNG 120/100fps (FHD 8bit) shooting.
・Supports cinemagraph functionality.
・Supports still image shooting during live view and movie shooting in Cine mode.
・Supports HDR shooting.
・Supports Director’s Viewfinder recording function.
・Supports SDK (Software Development Kit).

With the rise in popularity of the Sigma fp in certain parts of the world, these will be very welcome additions for many users. But you don’t have to wait until Summer to see a new firmware update. Another is planned for March 18th, although it only contains a few small fixes and additions.

SIGMA is also developing firmware Ver.1.02, which corrects card errors when using certain SD cards, and introduces added lens aberration correction processing. This is scheduled to be released on Wednesday 18th March 2020.

Currently, the Sigma fp runs on V1.01 firmware, but when the updates are available, you’ll be able to download them here.

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