Lady Gaga hops aboard the #shotoniphone train with her newest crazy music video “Stupid Love”

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Apple sure is going all out on their iPhone advertising campaigns right now, aren’t they? After a fairly non-challenging (from a technical standpoint) Selena Gomez music video and the incredible “Snowbrawl” by John Wick director, David Leitch, now it turns out that Lady Gaga’s much anticipated new single, “Stupid Love” was also shot entirely using the iPhone 11 Pro.

It does seem to have had a lot of work done to it in post, though. The singer posted a teaser to Twitter yesterday. Just a one-minute clip, which didn’t actually contain the new song, and appears to show some footage that didn’t quite make it into the final music video.

While the goal of these campaigns is to show off how good the cameras in the iPhone 11 Pro are, this particular part of the campaign does seem to minimise the contributions of the editors, effects guys and colourists. Apple posted a short 1-minute video, which doesn’t actually show any behind the scenes, as they did with Snowbrawl, and simply says at the end “Shot with the Filmic Pro app. Additional hardware used. Professionally edited”.

Obviously, there are a lot of CG elements and motion tracking involved with the video, like the big ass mountain-sized crystals in the background of many scenes. Other scenes also look like obvious blue/green screen keys, composited onto a different background – unless it’s just an artefact of the highly compressed iPhone footage combined with extreme colour grading.

Still, for a phone, it’s quite impressive.

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