This incredible image of the moon at the start of 2020 is a blend of 100,000 photos

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There are some people whose work you follow that just makes you sit up and pay attention whenever they post something new. One such photographer is Andrew McCarthy who creates incredible images of the moon, often made from stacking tens of thousands (or more) individual photographs together.

In his latest creation, Andrew took 100,000 photos of the moon to cut through our hazy and turbulent Earth atmosphere to see such colour and beauty, with an extremely impressive level of detail.

About the new image, Andrew writes…

My first lunar image of 2020 is also one of my most detailed. This is a blend of around 100k photos, which allowed me to sharpen the image and overcome some of the fuzzing caused by our turbulent atmosphere. The colors you see are real, caused by variations in the composition of the regolith.

This first quarter moon also is one of the best for showing crater detail, as the long shadows long the terminator really make the details pop.

As well as the long shadows, providing some real depth and incredible detail to the appearance of the moon’s surface, we see a lot of really beautiful colour variation, too

It’s wonderful work, and I will continue to have my jaw hit the floor every time I see Andrew post something new. If you want to keep an eye on Andrew’s work, be sure to follow him on Instagram. You can also order prints of his images through his online store.

* Images used with permission

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