Audiio is a new production music platform offering a lifetime subscription for $199

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One of the biggest struggles with making video content is finding good music at a decent price. There are two main models out there for music licensing. On one, you pay per song and on the other, you pay a subscription which provides access to all their content for you to use in your videos for as long as your account is active.

A new music service called Audiio appears to be based on the latter, offering an annual subscription for $199 per year (pretty standard these days), but to celebrate their launch, this $199 price will get you a lifetime subscription to their service if you sign up within the first 60 days.

Having a listen to the music in the video above, as well as browsing through the database of music on the website itself, the music is rather good. It easily stands up to the other popular production audio services. Of course, as the former licensing company to the companies like Netflix and Nike, it’s not surprising that they have their hands on some high-quality music.

Audiio co-founder and former Universal Music Group artist, Clay Jones said about the launch and the lifetime subscription offer:

We are excited to launch today and serve creators around the world! For the next 60 days we’re giving filmmakers a chance to pay a one-time fee of $199 to download unlimited music from our platform for the rest of their life.

The service just launched a couple of days ago, and all users who sign up between now and March 1st, 2020 will get that lifetime subscription for the usual cost of an annual subscription. You’ll get full access to their database for life, and they say the license covers you for using the music in just about any production except broadcast. So, all your in-house client projects, wedding videos and YouTube vlogs are covered.

Right now, the service offers music from 250+ independent artists, and they plan to add at least 300 new songs per month to the database. But they’ve already served some high profile clients including Trainline, Mars and Wrangler.

I’ve tried a whole bunch of services over the last few years like StoryBlocks, Envato Elements, AudioHero (I even have a lifetime sub to them – thanks TubeBuddy!), Premium Beat, etc, and I’m trying out Filmstro at the moment, but I’m always loathed to buy an annual subscription because I don’t use the services every month. But just paying for the month or two here and there that I do use these services works out to be about the same price as the annual over the year anyway, because of the annual pricing breaks.

Sometimes, just paying for a month here and there is demanded, though, because not all services offer the same quality, variety or styles of music. You hear something on one service that just fits your video perfectly and… there you go digging into another monthly fee again.

I think I might just have to sign up for this one and give it a go. Even if I ultimately end up going to yet another different service after a year or so, I’d still have access to this one forever as new music is added at no extra cost.

If you’re interested in signing up or just browsing through the music they have to offer, head on over to Audiio.

[via No Film School]

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