Diveroid turns your smartphone into a fully fledged dive camera, computer and logger

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This looks like a pretty cool underwater case if it does what it says on the tin. Or, well, does what it says on the Kickstarter campaign. It’s an underwater enclosure for your smartphone (any smartphone – so they say) that communicates with your phone over Bluetooth. It even features built-in heating to prevent the insides fogging up.

It’s probably a little overkill for just snapping photos of your friends and family in the pool, but if you regularly go diving, it looks pretty handy. The Diveroid app overlays information onto your screen such as your current depth and duration of your current dive. It also lets you know if you’ve hit any safety issues, like critical depth or if you’re ascending too fast when you’re done, and it’ll let you know what to do at your current depth to stay safe.

When it comes to the photo and video side of things, your only limits are the cameras inside your device. There are three universal buttons on the front of the case that you use to control various aspects of the app, including realtime colour correction – a big problem when you’re at any kind of decent depth.

They say it works with “any” smartphone, and have a neat little animation on the campaign showing various devices cycling through their universal underwater housing, although they admit that certain features shown (like the ultra-wide-angle views and such) aren’t going to be available on all devices. If you want to check if your specific device is compatible, though, you can do so here, although this is only based on the physical dimensions of your phone, not software compatibility.

The case features double O rings to help with waterproofing. Nothing should get past the first ring, but in the event that a little does leak in, there’ll be so little pressure against the second one that it should hopefully keep your device safe and dry. But, I’d probably test it empty before putting your $1K+ smartphone inside it.

If I were the type to dive regularly, this looks pretty interesting, but it would never really see any kind of use. Seems pretty cool, though. But are any of you divers or regular underwater shooters? What do you think of Diveroid?

To find out more about Diveroid and check the current pledges and availability, head on over to Kickstarter.

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