The 7 Hardest Parts of Photogaphy (and How to Conquer Them)


Photographer Nigel Danson recently asked his 50,000+ followers on Instagram — most of which are outdoor and landscape photographers — what they think the hardest part of photography is. After getting back 1,827 responses, Danson made this 20-minute video to share the responses.

Here’s a breakdown of the 7 hardest things along with videos Danson has made that addresses them:

1. Composition

2. Lighting

3. Location Planning

4. Woodland Photography

5. Time and Motivation

6. Boring Locations

This one didn’t have a prior video, but Danson does offer tips while discussing this challenge.

7. Focus

Watch the full 20-minute video at the top to hear Danson step through each of these challenges and offer his thoughts and solutions on them.

(via Nigel Danson via Fstoppers)

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